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Money Back Guarantee

When can I ask for a refund?

After you receive and view your initial design concepts, if you think they were not created according to your guidelines, you may ask for a refund. Here are the complete details of different stages of the process in terms of your eligibility to ask for a refund:

All of the initial design concepts were not created according to customer brief
Customer can claim a refund
Customer provides feedback and asks to revise a concept
Money Back Guarantee is not valid anymore. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee will remain valid till the end
No action is performed by the customer for 60 days
Money Back Guarantee no longer remains applicable. However, Logo Design 247 may review and consider this guarantee at its own discretion

How long does it take before the claim is processed?

It may take as long as 21 business days to refund your money.

Is the Money Back Guarantee applicable to all packages?

Money Back Guarantee is only for design packages. If you ask for a revision or approve a particular design, then the guarantee will no longer remain applicable. However, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee will remain valid till the end and we will continue to work on your design until you feel 100% satisfied.

How can Logo Design 247 offer Money Back Guarantee?

We can offer this guarantee because we have faith in the skills and talent of our designers. We offer this guarantee in good faith with honesty and we also expect the same from our respectable customers. In most cases, customers are honest, they cooperate with us and always provide relevant and quality feedback to ensure that the design is created according to their needs. However, there is a very small percentage that wants to misuse this guarantee and take unfair advantage of it. They will visit many design websites and place an order on all the sites, receive their concepts and claim a refund. This is a very unethical and unfair practice and we prefer not to receive any business from such people.

Design work requires involvement. If the customer fails to provide the right brief, the designer will not be able to create the required design in the first attempt. At Logo Design 247, we ask our customers to get involved and provide quality feedback during the design creation process. What we have noticed is that initial concepts are rarely approved as the final design. They, in fact, serve as a foundation where we receive a visual presentation that we can improve to create the preferred design. Customer feedback enables us to revise the initial concept accordingly. Money Back Guarantee protects customers money in case we fail to deliver the required design.

Money Back Guarantee is not applicable to design studios, design agencies and those who are working on 3rd party projects, i.e. their clients.

Note: After claiming a refund, customer will not be able to use the initial design concepts that were sent for approval. They will remain the property of Logo Design 247 is this case.